Minimalism. Mobility. Home.

These three words form the essence of MinMoHome concept illustrating one of the possible lifestyle choices in today's fast-paced and changing world.

Minimalism in solutions and dimensions allow to feel free and not to overload living space with unnecessary items. This also includes minimalistic customer’s involvement in the complex construction process.

Mobility has become a part of everyday life. Why wouldn’t the building become a movable property, accompanying an owner until finding the right place? Take to the place where the heart aches from beauty, as Imants Ziedonis once wrote. The concept of the building itself is to be mobile, as it can be developed gradually - step by step, module by module, thus arriving at the size and concept to fit any customer’s lifestyle. 

Home is the place where we regain strength and confidence. A place where we celebrate and can be ourselves. Homes that are bright, open, simple and beautiful. A place where you want to be.

The modules are produced at the Ltd "UPPE" production facility in Brankas, Jelgavas region, Latvia.