We started creating the first MinMoHome houses for ourselves in 2014. With each new project, we continue to create and develop this MinMoHome concept together. This, in our opinion, is great because it proves that in the end every project is Unique. We indulge in it because the path is as important as the destination!

The backbone of the MinMoHome module is a sea container that has a sturdy steel frame, walls, and roof. Based on this basis, each module is manufactured. The steel frame provides great architectural advantages for openness. This allows the construction of significant glazed spans, maintaining its stability during relocation. The stability of the frame is essential in the construction of our modules, because we believe that the feeling of light and spaciousness in our lives can never be too much.

The lower part of the module is insulated with moisture-absorbing insulating materials, while walls and roof with stone or mineral wool inserted between the wooden frames. In the exterior decoration of the building we use wooden planks, treated with wood protection varnish. We let customers choose the shade of wood. Since MinMoHome roofs are flat, it is possible to choose either a rolled bitumen covering or a PVC Protan membrane for their covering.

Hinged windows and sliding doors are usually made of plastic profiles, but we can also make them from aluminium profiles. Large glazing is fixed flexibly with gluing technology. This ensures safe movement and operation of the module.
We produce the entrance doors ourselves; they are made of aluminium profiles in a dark tone.
All glazing is triple glazed, ensuring good heat saving in everyday life, in addition the large glazing is also provided with good sun protection.
We recommend providing privacy in the rooms by installing curtains, shutters or blinds.

We use white colour in the interior. As it goes – with white and black "everything fits well"! 😊 If one likes industrial design, the walls and ceiling can be industrially painted white, leaving the unique imprints of the container's previous life: dents, abrasions, scratches.

Imagine - there is only one house of a kind in the world, special and unique!

Complementing it with any design item you like, it creates a unique combination!

Even if it seems that industrial design is not your essence, we can finish the walls with cover panels or wooden boards in white colour, while for the ceiling we use special acoustic plates produced in Latvia from the Cewood company.

The interior doors are veneered with oak and equipped with stainless steel handles. They are built into partitions of wooden elements, which are sheathed on both sides with panels or boards.
We equip all modules with built-in warm floor heating pipes. We use floor tiles or three-layer oak parquet for the floor covering. Floors and walls are joined with a seam of flexible sealant. Skirtings are not included in our material list as an item.
Luminaires are placed rationally to illuminate the specific place. We use LED strips, lamps, and bulbs. We have our own design offer. However, if you want lights of your own design, we will not resist your wish and let you supply and install them yourself. Switches and sockets are white.
Sanitary ware in the WC room is selected from Grohe or Oras, Hangrohe brands. The shower trap is built into the floor and the shower area is enclosed with glass. In all places where the walls are in contact with water, we use aluminium composite panel material in white colour. We choose a pot with a built-in washable box so that it does not rest on the floor, which facilitates the daily cleaning of the room.
The sink and cabinet are rectangular in shape, raised from the floor. A mirror with a light is attached above the sink.
The water pipe is constructed with PVC fusible pipes. The inlet is equipped with a DEVI heated cable, which ensures that it does not freeze during the cold winter months. For hot water preparation, we recommend choosing an electric instantaneous water heater, which prepares hot water exactly as needed. This allows you to save space, and the water does not spoil when standing in the boiler.
The heating system is evaluated according to its capabilities and the availability of energy carriers. As an optimal solution, we recommend the heat pump solution, which is suitable for warm floors when working with lower temperatures. As additional heating support, there is the construction of a fireplace stove, which not only provides heat in the room, but also creates a very cosy atmosphere.
About the ventilation system. Modern construction materials and methods allow us to achieve the basic requirements of building physics, that is, the building must be dense from the inside to exclude heat loss in the form of air currents, so the issue of controlled ventilation of the premises is an urgent one. Since the container already by its very nature corresponds to the building physics setting, we recommend equipping the modules with a recuperation type ventilation system. We use Lunos products and solutions in practice.
If the IKEA concept is acceptable to you, we also offer our involvement in kitchen installation. If not, we leave the selection, delivery, and installation of kitchen appliances to you or your chosen craftsmen.
The terrace around the house will provide additional space for celebrating life and enjoying nature, so we offer to make the terrace and deliver it together with the house.

We do not offer access road construction, foundation construction, electricity, water and sewerage construction work, but we can recommend our partners who could help. The same goes with the development and coordination of the architectural and construction project with the local building authority, as we will prepare the necessary project information for the architect in dwg or 3D format. On this basis, the architect can develop all the necessary architectural project documentation, which must be submitted to the building authority. If you do not have your own architect, we can recommend our partners with whom we cooperate daily.